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Chinese flags and no Oilers

Last night while walking home from the Burrard Skytrain station I kept passing dozens of Chinese people carrying Chinese flags and signs written in one of the Chinese languages.

I thought it was odd, but forgot about it pretty much the moment I reached my building.

Today I left for work later than usual because I wanted to buy tickets for Chad, Kara and I to two Canucks games when the Oilers are in town in March. Typically I leave for work an hour before my shift starts, but the tickets didn't go on sale until 10 am and I started at 11 so I decided to drive to work.

As I drove by the Bayshore hotel the place was crawling with cops, security and more Chinese people with signs and flags.

I was a bit behind the gun in terms of time as I raced my Mini Cooper S down Kingsway, when two black SUVs with police lights went speeding the other way. Then a few blocks later a motorcycle cop stopped traffic in all four directions to let eight other motorcycle cops through and then a motorcade of SUVs, limos and cop cars. The limos had tiny Chinese flags flying on them, and I realized that this and the protesters last night and then those today, were all part of Paul Martin's meeting with the Chinese Prime Minister.

So if anyone wants to go give the PM and the Chinese head of state a piece of their mind they're at thwe Bayshore right now. They'll probably be having a nice brunch tomorrow.

Pretty much what I expected

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