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A new nano, Zip.ca and dating service... my wired life


I ordered one of the new iPod nano music players on the day it was introduced by Steve Jobs last week.  I was pleased that despite not shelling out for the super quick shipping the iPod arrived at my apartment in less than a full week.  However sadly it was DOA due to the fact that it crashes iTunes anytime you try to load music onto it.  I emailed Apple and they've sent me a box to return the iPod to them in and I assume they'll either fix it or replace it.

Having said that it is simply a beautiful device, slim and so well designed both functional and beautiful.  It's going to be my day-to-day iPod and my 60 gig iPod photo will be retired to for longer trips, in the car and anytime I really need my whole music collection on my hip.  The advantage of the nano, aside from being way small, is that as a flash based player there is less chance for it to die since it has no hard drive to damage and no moving parts.


The online store that I've been renting DVDs from just recently got bought out by Zip.ca, or merged with or something.  Whatever the case I now pay my monthly rental fee to Zip.ca and get the DVDs in a red envelope.  It seems to be a decent company, their website is a bit nicer and there's a few more options, however it's not all good.  The old store allowed my to organize the movies in my list by the order I wanted them sent to me, where as Zip.ca just lets me rate two of them as priority movies and the rest come as they are in stock and I've got a slot open for the videos.  Plus Zip is mailing out of Calgary where as the old company was out of Vancouver so it adds at least a day onto shipping through Canada Post.

Plus the envelopes are a bastard to open.

The price is the same, I pay $25(ish) a month to have four DVDs rented at one time, as I send them back they send me new ones.  I've still got to figure out what the turn around time for Zip is going to be, but the old store was about three or four business days between when I dropped a DVD in a mailbox and when a new one came.

A new dating service

So I'm trying out a new dating service, or I'm about to.  I saw an ad for it at a Skytrain station and I figured, "Shit I take the Skytrain this must be the service for me."  Plus it had a picture of an attractive woman on it, so well obviously I had to at least try it out.  I'll post a link to it as soon as I figure out what the website is, because it's a hard one to remember.

It's less internet dating and more a dating service where they find women and set me up on dates with them.  I might be a pain in the ass, and it might be expensive.  Actually it is expensive though they were cagey on the phone about costs.  It sounds like it might be $200 a month for the service, so that's a bit of money.

I've got an apointment next week for an interview where they'll tell me if it's within their powers to find me a match.  So essentially the apointment is them telling me they can be my pimp and then asking for money.  I doubt I'll actually go through with it, because in my little head I still think I should be able to find a girlfriend without laying out hundreds of dollars on a dating detective agency.  Even if I don't though it'll be a new experiance, and I'll have fun taking the personality test they talked about over the phone.

Yes sir, it's like Scientology except without the famous people, or the aliens.

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