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Podcast / Canucks

Two things quickly for now.

First I've ordered a new microphone from Apple to do my Podcast on. It'll really improve the audio for the segments of the Podcast that I do at my computer. I'll still have to use the iTalk and my iPod for any mobile recording. Until it comes, which should be about a week, I'm not doing another Podcast. Once it's here I'll try to throw something together right quick.

Secondly I've put down $200 for seats for the Vancouver Canucks. I'm just going for the Ice Pack, either a 11 or a 15 game package of tickets. I put down enough for two because Chad had been interested in getting some and since it's refundable I figured I might as well price it out. If I did buy two tickets, as opposed to just getting seats for myself, then I can either sell the extra online or find someone to go with me.

Atkins Update

Corporate bonding