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Premier Leauge Week #1 & Working at Robson

Henry_The Premiership season started this weekend. Arsenal opened their first game with a win beating Newcastle United 2 - 0. It's always nice to get one of the bigger teams out of the way right off the bat, though Newcastle rarely cause Arsenal much grief. The games we'll have to watch out for will be Bolton who always seem to be able to trip us up and of course the Chelsea and Manchester United duo.

I've been working this week at the company's Robson store. It's really slow there, slow enough for one person to work alone. Which is why I was less than happy to find out that I was in fact working not alone but with the store's manager. Yesterday I worked with him and another girl, so there were three people working in a store that's barely busy enough for one person. Today will be the only day I work there alone.

On Monday I'm back at Metrotown, and after work I'm heading back to Kelowna. I'll be in town to do some work for eVent! as well as watch the team Canada Olympic team skate and do the sort of hometown busy work that includes getting my teeth cleaned. Hopefully I remember how to drive, it's been awhile since I've had my car on the road.

Team Canada Practice

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