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All that you can't leave behind

I have been involved in a process of trying to weed down my belongings.  For the next eight months to a year I’ll be living in a spare bedroom in my brother’s apartment and I won’t have a lot of space.  Well actually from the sounds of it I won’t have any space at all.  As such I’ve sold a bunch of video games at the Vernon EB, filled a few boxes of books to give away, and filled a box of clothes…

Trying to cut down my life to basically a suitcase and a laptop is proving harder than I thought.  Stuff has to go somewhere, and there seems to be only so much space in the world.  Getting rid of DVD and CD cases and filing them in CaseLogic folders is another way of cutting down on the size of my load to Vancouver.

To a certain degree there’s a romance and a pull to the idea of just getting rid of everything and starting anew.  Still that’s easier said than done.

This morning I packed up my iMac G5, and   by tonight I should have pretty much everything ready to go.  Added to the stress though is that today I’ve got to spend today at work, which eats into my getting ready time.

A new home city

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