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The move to Vancouver is only a few days away now. I officially move down Sunday so right now I'm just going through a ton of my stuff trying to ween my life down into what can fit into the back of a Mini Cooper. I'm going to be scanning in some of my concert photography before I pack those photos away, so I hope to have up some really great shots soon. I've got about five Matthew Good concerts, two EdgeFests (one with Hole), a few Sloan shows and so forth that I'll put up all from my student press days when I got to do concert photography.

Today I'm also doing a whole bunch of eVent! stuff including interviewing Tarzan Dan formerly of The Hit List on YTV. He's the new SUN FM morning guy in Kelowna and I'm interviewing him in a few hours. I'll put that up as a Podcast later today. I was going to listen to SUN FM's morning show today so I could hear what he does, but I decided not to. I also feel bad because I never watched The Hit List back when it was on. I tried to pass it up but they were keen, Kelowna doesn't have much in the way of star power so an interview with Tarzan Dan is money I guess.

I did manage to pass up on interviewing Def Leppard when I informed Andre at eVent! that I was surprised that a) they were still alive and b) surprised they were still touring. I think the sort of interview I would have done with Def Leppard would have been unprintable.

I also have to pop over to Vernon to sell some video games that I no longer need. EB Games in Kelowna doesn't buy second hand games due to a local by-law in the city of Kelowna that prohibits buying stuff from customers. I'd never heard of it before, but I guess it's probably meant to drive pawn shops out of town and cut down on breaking and entering. I had to go to Vernon anyway to buy some comics and interview the guys from the comic book store about comics for another article.

Podcast #7: Tarzan Dan

The not so long weekend