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Turning left on Arbutus

Ryan, Ashley and I had made plans to go to the beach yesterday and take their dog Archie for a walk. Due to my being slow leaving the house, a turn to the cloudy in the weather and fear of having to fight crowds streaming to the beach for another night of the Symphony of Fire, we ended up just walking through Kerrisdale and having lunch at the Whie Spot there.

Afterwards Neal and I went to see The Island and eat sushi. I went off Atkins long enough to have some really good California Rolls and some so-so sunomono salad.

Speaking of Atkins since I haven't got a scale I haven't been able to check my progress but other than a meal of Thai food and last night's sushi I've been good. During my lunch hour I might run to the Bay and see if I can buy a scale. I've been avoiding it because I haven't wanted to schlep it home on the Skytrain.

Corporate bonding

We're sending you to Siberia