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Kelowna part 2

The wedding reception was good, it was actually pretty short in terms of formal speechifying which as someone who didn't really know either family that well was really nice. I mean Chad's my friend but unlike say the Taylors I don't really know much more than Chad's immedate family.

Afterwards a group of the OKMers and Ashley, Ryan's girlfriend, sat out on my dock until the wee hours of the night watching an amazing show from the Northern Lights and talking about old times.

It was really nice to see a bunch of old friends, and while I'd seen pretty much everyone but Chris and Vanessa within the last few months I'm not sure if we'd all been together since 1997.

The next day included spending an hour at OUC / UBC-O to find out that I was fucked three ways 'till Sunday followed by lunch with Vanessa and Chris followed by a trip with them to Chapters and then the road back to Vancouver.


Kelowna - pt 1