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Damn you soya sauce, damn you!

SashimiI went out with Chad last night.  We saw War of the Worlds and then went to Mickey's Pub.  At one point during the evening I reached for the soya sauce and Chad informed me that it was not an Atkins approved food item.

What?  What?  Packed with carbs you say?

Now I realize that one of the reasons I have not been loosing weight at the speed I would have liked is because I've been eating a lot of sashimi with soya sauce, figuring that soya sauce was basically salt water and that as raw fish there was no carbs in sashimi.  I was right about sashimi but oh so wrong about the sauce.  Goddamn soya sauce.

Well now I'm back to eating burgers, steaks and chicken.  I raise my hand in anger at my favorite thing to put on rice, though I can not eat rice, and shake my first like so.... [Demonstrates how to shake fist].

I'll drop some words about War of the Worlds later.

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