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Kelowna - pt 1

Saturday after work I drove to Kelowna. I got out of work about seven, but I was tired and so I had to pull off the highway and sleep in a parking lot in Abbotsford for an hour before continuing on the way from Vancouver to Kelowna arriving home at two-thirty in the morning.

There was not much time to do anything the next day, but I drove to Vernon early in the morning to buy comics and then after getting a bite to eat at Burger King I headed to the wedding.

At first I was not sure if I had gone to the right place. There was no sign about the wedding near the front entrance of the Kelowna Golf and Country Club. There was also no sign inside that a wedding would be taking place. I wandered around for a bit until I found people off to the side. Again I thought I was in the wrong place, since I did not recognize anyone. It wasn't until I spotted Krista that I was relieved to see that I indeed had arrived at the right wedding. Soon Vanessa arrived followed by Ashley and Ryan.

The wedding itself was good. Only having the experiance of three others to judge it by I think it was the longest, but it didn't feel long as everything moved at a fair clip and it was well run and well done. It was the first I'd been to with such a degree of personalization too, which lead an air of newness to it.

After the ceremony Vanessa and I went to Joey's, formerly Joey Tomatoes, with Justin and Dustin who despite the cleverly similiar first names are not related. Joey's patio had a misting device to cool down patrons. This amazed Vanessa and amused everyone else when it started to leak on top of me.

Kelowna part 2

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