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Killing a franchise

X2posterbigI enjoyed Batman Begins, and I really liked the two Spider-man films but most of all I liked the X-Men movies.  I think Bryan Singer took a comic that could have been a real fiasco translating into a film and made it both an exciting action movie, but a character driven film too which reflects the spirit of the comic book.

The X-Men is a franchise that could perhaps go on forever.  Or at least a long while.  Unlike a film like Spider-man where so much depends on the cast the X-Men comics have enough characters that you can cycle new ones in and old ones out on an almost continual basis.  If Halle Berry, who was in the terrible Catwoman, decides she doesn't want to do any more comic movies then Storm can be written out of the script in a way that oh Spider-man can't be written out of a Spider-man movie.

But having read a review of the latest script for the third X-Men film, I'm totally freaked out.  The script, or at least the ideas in the script suck.  Now if you click here and read it for yourself you'll see what I mean.  Warning obviously there are pretty heavy spoilers on the other end of the link.

I'll post later about what exactly I think of this totally terrible direction the script and the franchise seems like it's taking.  It all started with Fox loosing Singer who went to work on the Superman movie and went down from there.

My take on the new X-Men script

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