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Delme, comics and Podcast

Img_2154_3Here's a picture of Delme from his short time in Kelowna. He was here mainly for Cass's sister's wedding, but we managed to hang out a few times. He seems to be doing good in Japan now, and I've tried to convince him to stay there a bit longer, since unless he's got something particularly good to come home to he'll end up working the same dead-end jobs the rest of us are. Might as well stick in Japan, make some good money and be having the time of his life.

I've been meaning to get a Podcast out, but it ended up about 40 minutes when I did it so I'm going to retry it. I'm going to go more music DJish for a bit just so it gives me something to do until I can focus on making strong short form entries. The trouble is I've been trying to use it as an alternate way of blogging, but what would be a short 200 word ramble on why I drive to Vernon to buy comics turns into about twenty minutes, which is too long for anyone.

Speaking of which I hit Vernon today to get some comics. Nothing too exciting, I was hoping for some House of M action but all I got was a few Marvel Knights: Spider-man issues and a trade-paper back.

Podcast #2

Milk Box from the Eighties?