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Vancouver and the seven year itch

I promised you all updates on the Vancouver move and so here it is.  My last day working in Kelowna will be July 9th, which is a Saturday.  The next day I'll be moving down to Vancouver.  I'll be driving with a car load as will my parents.

Over the next few days until the 14th I will be free and focused on unpacking and maybe finishing up anything that I have to do with eVent! because I've got a lot of stories for July that I want to get done right away.  I have said that I'll be ready to work as of Thursday the 14th, so I'll be getting that schedual in the next few days.

The next thing I've got to note is that Saturday the 16th, my brother's birthday, I'll be going back to Kelowna for Chad's wedding which Melissa and I are going to.  If anyone has any travel plans from Vancouver (Ryan and Nathan I'm looking at you) let me know maybe we can work something out.  Then I'll be back sometimes Monday for work and Vancouver life.

I'll be living with Neal, in his extra room at his apartment by Coal Harbour, for a few months while I save money for a down payment on my own place.  I'm also trying to get guest student status at UBC, which seems odd since I now go to UBC anyway after it bought OUC, so I can finish up my degree.  However it's a bit of a complicated mess right now, so I don't know what's up with that.

So that's the story peeps.  I'm looking forward to seeing you all. 

As a note it's quite common for people to begin a converstaion in a cellular store with, "I've been a customer with Rogers for seven years..." (or whatever number of years).  This is always followed by a demand that generally boils down to "give me a better deal than you've ever given anyone else."  Certainly customer loyality should be rewarded, but I don't march into the gas station I've been using the last few years and demand free shit.

"This chocolate bar!  I'm taking this chocolate bar and I'm not paying for it," I don't yell.

"What?  Why sir, why are you talking crazy and stealing from us in such a bold way?" they don't ask in shock.

"Because you fucker, I've been gassing up here every week for the last four years.  You owe me.  I might just take a slush too and not pay for it!" I don't yell back, not throwing open the valve on the slush machine not sending sweet iced pop flowing into a large cup.

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