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Day of the angry customers

SeanWhy is Sean grinning?  Is it because he knows that shortly I will be faced with two customers who get angry at me for no particular reason?  Perhaps, or perhaps he's put a 'Kick Me' sign on my back.

Well the first person who got snarky with me wanted a phone.  We went through the whole sales cycle and I was just about to enter her ID into the computer to run the needed credit check to go on a three year term, and I noticed that her drivers' licence was expired by about four months.

Me:  Do you have any other ID, something that might be current?

Her:  No.  It's okay I just need to renew it.

Me:  Yeah I can't really take it.  You don't have like a passport or provincial ID?

Her:  <Expresses Anger>

Me:  <Expresses Sorrow>

Her: <Storms out>

Me: <Sighs>

So did I mention that she drove off.  So note to people, don't use old ID when you want to do shit.  I don't care what it is, whether it's driving or trying to get into Disneyland, keep your ID current.

The next woman wanted to pay her cell phone bill with debit.  I explained that we can't take it since we're an independant dealer and not actually Rogers but we could take a check or money order or call in a credit card payment.  She assured me that she paid it that way here all the time.  I said maybe at some point in the past but as long as I've worked here we haven't done it.  She asked how long I'd worked here and I said six years so she got insulted and let me know that she'd come back with proof.  Needless to say that was the high point of the conversation, and it went down from there.

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