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This post was written while watching YTV at 3 am on a Sunday morning

SashimiWork today was the sort of day where there were customers came but they generally wanted things that I could not provide like Pay-As-You-Go help, a free phone to someone with no ID, affection and understanding. Yup it was one of those days when I'd get twenty minutes into something only to find out the customer was either mentally unbalanced or a real estate agent. The sort of day when I wish I'd stood in bed. The sort of day where I don't feel like a closet geek for making an obscure Star Trek joke like that.

After work I went to Mini-Ozekis and had some sashimi, thus sticking with my diet. Sashimi is good, if not particularly good on the full stomach to dollar ratio. It's also hard when what I really would rather be eating is sunomono salad and California rolls. Hmm... California rolls.

In other news I'm watching a cartoon where a green coloured super-hero is fighting alien tofu.

And that my dear watermelon seed swallowers is what became of my idea of doing a deep post about deep issues that go deep within the surface of my deepest thoughts. To which I'd like to add, "Goddamn Pizza Hut commercials make me want to eat so many carbs that it would stun a Via Rail Conductor."

Stay frosty my little bits of mental floss.

Atkins Day #14

The iTrip works