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The iTrip works

I conducted an interview today with Christopher Grignard who wrote and directed a play called Orchard Drive and Garett Spelliscy who is acting in it. I was a bit worried about whether the iTrip adapter for my iPod which allows me to use my iPod as a microphone would be able to handle the noise level of the coffee shop that we were meeting at. Getting home I listened through a few minutes of the interview and it seemed to work really well. Christopher spoke really softly but it picked him up pretty good, so it's money. This is the second interview that I've done using the iTrip so it's good to know that it's able to handle something like this.

The one concern is it eats up the iPod's batteries pretty quickly. I interviewed them for about 40 minutes and had about three hours of regular usage on the iPod then it died on me. So every ten minutes of recording is equal to about an hour of regular usage.

The interview went alright and after I finish using it to write my article for eVent! I'll put it up as a Podcast.

This post was written while watching YTV at 3 am on a Sunday morning

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