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Sitting by the phone

I've been trying to do this article on an upcoming performance of two fringe festival type plays in Kelowna. One is called One Man Star Wars Trilogy and the other is called Call Me Kirk and is also a one man play. Andre, my editor at eVent! thought a performance relating to both Star Wars and Star Trek would be right up my alley and so did I.

However I missed one performer who went to Europe, Charles Ross who is doing the Star Wars and was told by the press agent in charge of the production to email him with the questions and I'd get a reply. I did but have yet to hear anything. He was the one I was waiting for, since he's had a lot of great success with the play, even being invited by Lucas films to perform it at the party to celebrate the opening of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. So I had put off calling the other fellow whose cell number I have, hoping to get an email with the goods.

Now I've got to get the article in today and I still haven't gotten the magic email that'll solve all my problems. So instead I called up Michael Schaldemose who is doing Call Me Kirk only to get his cell phone's voicemail. The press agent, who has been helpful, said he'd call me back later but I'm not sure when my deadline is. So instead of going to class I'm sitting at the computer waiting on a telephone call from Michael to do the interview or an email from Andre saying "It's too late the article is off never darken my doorway again!"

I've got the article mostly written, the basics of who, what, when and where, but just need a few quotes to add some colour to it and make it so it's more than just a press release remix. Tomorrow I've got to duck out of work to do another interview with someone who has written a play about Walter Grey's decision to not declare Gay Pride Day back in the late '90s. So hopefully that'll be my redemption.

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