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Half a heart and two suitcases

I woke up early today to fuck about more with iTunes. Everything has been recovered except for what wasn't on my iPod which was mainly Audiobooks that I have backed up on disc and some music I'd collected from people but never managed to get into like some of the indie bands I got from Rob Butz and the jazz/electronic that I got from Don Iveson and the videos I'd got with iTunes purchased albums.

Mom and me had an early flight to Edmonton, rented a car and went to the University of Alberta Hospital for my apointment with my cardiologist. After going through the usual cardio tests the doctor, a fellow with a Russian accent who I've been seeing for the last couple of years, pronounced that I was in good health though he lectured me on my weight.

"You only use half a heart," he said before adding, "If I asked you to carry around two suitcases all the time what would you say, because that's what you're doing."

Afterwards we went to see Batman Begins at the Silver City in West Edmonton Mall. It was excellent. I think Delme is going to have to buy new pants because he'll be jizzing for two and a half hours straight while watching.

Also I secured my new Vancouver phone number. It's not in service yet but I'll be given it out to all the sexy people. My old one will be out of service when I move and then be given away to a new employee of the cellular store. An employee who will be harrassed by the political machine of the New Democratic Party.

To dinner I say. Cheers.


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