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The day the hard drive crashed

Today it's been slow at work. Which was good because it allowed me to make a break for it when the alarm at my parents' house went off. It was just a hand-man who was painting a bit, so nothing was gone.

However at that time I decided to plug my iPod in to charge it up. However the hard drive that I store all my music on decided to die. It seems to work but it can't find 90% of the music in my collection. So now I'm going to have to go through a round about way to copy the songs from my iPod back to the hard drive after I reformat it to ensure this sort of shit doesn't happen again.

I picked up a Bluetooth keyboard for my BlackBerry 7290, which is what I'm currently typing on. It's a bit small, though bigger than the BlackBerry's own thumb keypad, and it might take me awhile to learn how to use it properly.

Tomorrow I'm off to Edmonton for the day to see my cardiologist. I wish I'd been smarter and been on Atkins for a few months before I went to see him so I was down to my fighting weight. I haven't done today's Atkins Diet weigh in but I doubt I've dropped anything since going on it yesterday. If anything the amoung of Sausage McMuffins I've eaten (sans bun) will probably bump me up a few pounds for the next couple of days until my body starts eating itself like it's supposed to.


Atkins Day 1