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Alone with a headache

I've been sick the past couple of days, and now I'm home from work early after just feeling like doing the Linda Blair vomiting in the store. Trouble being I've got to review the Sarah McLachlan show tonight for The Daily Courier so I've got to be awake for another few hours. Show starts in about three hours and then I'm going to have to have the review written tonight because I've got a deadline for 2 in the afternoon on Saturday (tomorrow), which I won't make unless I do it before sleeping because I work tomorrow afternoon.

So I'm going to grab two hours worth of a nap and then try to load up on painkillers to combat the headache and then just trust that if I do a Linda Blair while at the concert people will just assume I've taken some bad drugs and try to talk me down.

All of this can be yours / just give me what I want and nobody gets hurt

Podcast #4: We've got soul but we're not soldiers.