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It's the event of the week: a pun for all you scenesters

Vis_rad_local4_1After feverish speculation about what sort of publication I might be working for (okay Nathan had a dream about it and I consider that to be enough to classify it as feverish) I am pleased to announce that unless they hate my articles, I will be freelancing for eVent! magazine.

This came about because they were short staffed and the Phoenix ran a parody of their paper that we called iVent! and included such great articles as "Local Band is Shit".  eVent! and the Phoenix have had a turbulent past as one of our editors accused them of using sexist advertising when they started, which started an editorial war between the Phoenix and eVent! daddy publication the Daily Courier.  Then eVent! ran one of my Matthew Good concert pictures without a) crediting me or b) paying me which started another kerfuffle.

After running a parody issue with a front cover headlines that simply read "Tits!" I got an email from the editor Andre Wetjen I figured it was simply to signal the move into the courtroom.  But no he was offerin me semi-regular freelance work which is super good because it means money.  Money is good because it equals food and other things that I want.  The rate is pretty good as well, about the same as IGN.com was paying, though without the sweet sweet American funds bonus.

My first article which I wrote last night was about my experiance during the U2 video shoot for "City of Blinding Lights".  Granted I had written about that for free here, but I wrote something new and had to spend some time cutting to keep it under the 800 word maximum.  My next article is on Star Wars merchandise, which as far as I forsee will involve renting Star Wars video games and eating Star Wars branded M&Ms.

So it might not be Cliente, a publication that came to Nathan in a dream, but hey it pays and being payed is almost as good as being poked with a stick and fed rice.


Also you might have noticed the slightly new design of the site here.  Sadly I did not come up with the snazy graphics, rather they're from Ready.gov an American government website that prepares citizens for a terrorist attack.  Aside from the kickin' graphics the site is chalk-full of paranoia goodness.  The fact that there's a section for kids coming soon makes it so amazingly awesome that I just want to pee in a mini-van cup holder.

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