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On October 20th Vote Jeffery Simpson for White Rock City Council.

They don't believe it now, they just think it's stupid.

Nuc_vis_building2_1The article in the Phoenix that I was angry at may have turned out to have been a bit of a boon for me.  Turns out that I've been tentativly offered a regular freelancing job based on the fact that I'm leaving the land of the student press.

Which is very exciting, but I'm going to keep the nature of the job and the publication under my hat until I have some more confirmation.  Not because I've been asked to, but rather because if I don't get it I'll look like a bit of a dope for having blown the chance to get a regular and paying job.

Meanwhile work is slow, which means I'm not making much but I do get to listen to the iPod and nobody has yelled at me yet today, so that's good.  Not getting yelled at makes me feel loved.  I like feeling loved.

Anfield was painted red

What happened to the beauty I had inside of me?