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A splattering of stuff: the Simpsons, eVent!, Tiger

Igod Item #1

The Simpsons this season has been pretty good.  I've been lamenting the slow decline of the show for a number of years, as it's nowhere near as good as it used to be notably around the 4th season and back when Conan O'Brian was working on the show. 

With the exception of some clunkers, the one where Patty (I think it could have been the other sister) adopted a Chinesse baby comes to mind, the show has been starting to gain back its quality this season.  During Fox's new hyped up Animation Domination Sunday, where basically they ghettoize all the animated shows on TV to a one night chunk of time, it has been the funniest show.  Much better than Family Guy, who I've grown tired of even though there's new episodes, and the tragically unfunny American Dad.  Aside from the Simpsons only King of the Hill saves the Sunday for Fox. 

Item #2

My article appeared in today's eVent!.  They didn't use my pictures but that is understandable since well the pictures weren't that great.  The article looks good, though I'm not happy with my profile picture that went with the article.  And I'm listed as a guest columnist, which I guess means that I don't have to help clean up after dinner parties.

The decision to put everything from song titles to the names of albums in italics was not mine.  I'm not sure if it's the publication's style guide or what, but I'm pretty sure I put the song titles such as "City of Blinding Lights" in quotation marks and left the album titles unformatted (since the plan text file that I had to send the submission in won't allow for putting things into italics).  Still pretty much everything was in italics.  So if that angered you, don't send me the hate mail.

Anyway it was nice to see something I did in print in something other than the Phoenix.  It's been awhile since I've picked up work, so it feels all brand new.  My Star Wars story is up next, so I figure it'll be in next week.  Then I've got two articles on the go for next month, which is a bit fewer than I would have liked but it's not a big deal.

Item #3

More goo-goo eyes on my part about yesterday's transfer to Tiger. 

First off I'd like to talk about the new Mail application.  I'd basically stopped using Apple's email program because it just didn't have the features that Microsoft's Entourage offered.  Entourage is a bit harder to wrestle with, but it really worked well.  The new Mail combines the features of Entourage that I was using, including advanced mail filtering, with the ease of Mail and it's also much quicker.  Some things like being able to make a slide show of pictures in a recieved email I'll probably never use, but it's still a swell new program.

Spotlight is incredible.  I was always dubious about how much a search engine was going to change my computer usage patterns.  I mean Sherlock has been on Macs for years now, and there's been a search style feature in computers going way back.  What the previous search programs did was look at the application and document file names, so if I searched for "Japan" it would bring up Tom Waits' "Big In Japan" and any essay I saved as "Japan History essay #1" or something similiar.  What Sherlock does is it will actually search through the essays.  So I can do a search on Paul Fussell and it will bring up any document that I refered to him in or quoted one of his books. When I first installed Tiger it took Spotlight about twenty minutes to fully catalouge everything on my computer, but after that it's seamless.

Dashboard is cool but I haven't used it much.  Happily the flight tracking widget will track Canadian flights and airlines such as WestJet and the weather tracking program does display Kelowna's weather and forecast.  I've also downloaded a widget that lets me see what's on local cable television.

The last new thing I'll mention is the new Sync program.  It looks like Apple is starting to phase out iSync.  Syncing with a .Mac account, which allows you to access your Adress Book and internet bookmarks on any computer, is done via the OS now.  Further it syncs iCal information and preferences for the Mail application.  So it's much easier now to keep my Powerbook and my iMac with the same calander and contact information.  Which saves me a lot of time.  What I would like though is for it to sync iPhoto.  I've got a lot of photos on my Powerbook and a lot on my iMac.  Most of them are the same but if I edit a photo on one, I'd like it to be edited on the other.  Same if I rate one, or add a keyword to it.  Still with files the size of large scale photos that might not be as easy as small information like addresses.

I haven't used Automator at all, so I can't say if it's hot.  I'm going to try setting up a VPN connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server at work, so I'll see how that goes.

Item #4

Have a good day, and take care.

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