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A new force at breakfast


I've been working on this article for eVent! magazine today.  Once again I've got to cut about 50 words from it to get it down under 800.  I'm not sure why it seems that I can either hit 500 with no problem or 900 but the 600 - 800 range is just a bitch for me.  I blame it on the Phoenix, which has obviously somehow screwed with my mind. 

Anyway the article is on Star Wars merchandise tie-ins such as the above Frosted Flakes with Darth Vader from Japan.  Really I spent most of the day playing Star Wars video games, even though there's about one hundred words on them in the article.  Really it was just an excuse to rent video games and call it work.

If you live in Kelowna the article I did on the U2 video shoot should be appearing in the paper this week.  I haven't yet figured out exactly how much editing they do, so I have no idea how it'll look.  I sent in some pictures, but I don't know if they'll get in since they're just of the line outside GM Place.  The Star Wars article should appear next week, I assume. 

Face it Tiger, you've hit the jackpot

Thing weren't where you left them