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ork without the W

Work today has been slow with bouts of stupid.  One elderly customer who spent much of last year yelling at me because he broke his phone, came in with a new phone he got from God-knows-where and wanted me to show him everything possible about it.  After spending five minutes on trying to explain text messaging I told him to go read his instruction book.

Another woman got screwed over by Fido who sold her a pre-paid account with time so she could use her phone in Kelowna when, even though Rogers bought Fido, pre-paid Fido accounts don't work outside of the Lower Mainland.  So she spent some of her day yelling at Fido's customer service with the store's phone.

Another customer came in with like five months of bills and wanted me to go through them and deal with about a hundred problems they had.  Normally I would just put them on the line with customer service, especially since their problems all stem from the fact that they didn't understand the Rogers telemarketing rep who sold them the phones when she described the plan, but Sean had promised to help them out so I spent forty minutes dealing with that.  I got nowhere and ended up sending them to the district Rogers rep for which I'll probably get in trouble.

It's almost time to cash out.  In moments I will take my chips from the table and exchange them for greenbacks.  Just one more spin of the wheel.


I looked back in time a few hours and decided to rock the mic