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A quick and dirty guide to podcasting

I'm just editing my first podcast on my G5, so I guess it's about time
to explain podcasting to those people who might read my blog but not
know what it is.  Which with the exception of Chad who I explained it
to the other day and Rose who should have read my story on it in the Phoenix, is pretty much everyone.

First off what is a podcast?  That's the tricky question, but
essentially it's an audio program that you can listen to either on your
computer or on a MP3 player such as an iPod.  Podcasts can range from
personal programs (basically an audio blog) like the very popular and
very good Dawn and Drew Show or professional radio broadcasts made by networks like the CBC Radio which has both its science program Quirks and Quarks and it's tech show /Nerd onlline as podcasts.  Aside from the Dawn and Drew Show my favorite podcasts are BBC Radio's Fighting Talk which is a sports program and On The Media, a program on an American public radio network that deals with media issues. 

The advantage of podcasting over simply listening to a radio program steaming online is that with a program such as iPodder
your computer will download the programs automatically so you can
listen to them whenever you want, whereas with streaming audio you have
to sit by your computer and listen to the show when it's broadcast.

Now I will be starting my own podcast.  As I mentioned about three
paragraphs ago I'm just editing my first entry with a combination of
Apple's GarageBand, iTunes and iMovie.  Ideally I could just use one of
the programs, but I recorded the audio on my iPod using a Griffin iTalk
microphone and for some reason when I imported the audio into
GarageBand it speed it up so fast that I sounded worse than any of the
Chimpmunks.  So what I had to do was make the musical intro in
GarageBand, edit that together with the actual talking in iMovie and
then export that as a wave file.  I then imported the wave file into
iTunes and exported it as an mp3 file which I will be uploading shortly.

In order to listen to my podcast you'll have to either download it from this site or using one of the free programs from iPodder, you can use this link to get the RSS feed which you enter into iPodder.  Then the program will automatically download any podcasts I post.

What sort of stuff will I be podcasting?  I'm not sure right now, but
I'm open to suggestions.  I'm also open to a new intro song, as the one
that's in there is just something I threw together using GarageBand

Podcast away

And then I made a video post