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U2 Seattle Encore, "Vertigo"

I had tried to edit all the short clips I took with my digital still camera together to create a short montage, but for some reason (because it's lame) Audioblog only takes AVI files and iMovie won't output to AVI.

Anyway this was one of the better clips, though I may post more later. Bono lectures the crowd on the definition of the word "encore". It's from Italian he says, and it means to play the "same fucking song again", then the band kicks into it's second performance of "Vertigo" that evening.

I've never seen a major act play the same song more than once. U2 used to do it before they had a large enough catalouge to fill an entire show, but now the fact that they did it was... well really cool. Especially since "Vertigo" is one of those blow-the-doors-off live numbers that just works so well.

"The Fly"

A car for Seattle