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The dark side now blogs

I really enjoy fake blogs.  Fake blogs of really famous people like George W. Bush or Kim Jong.  If they're done well they can be a laugh riot, and it's a great way to parody them.  So I'm tickled pink that Darth Vader now apparently has a blog.  Granted it's not him, but someone pretending to be him (how would he have the time?) but it is funny as heck.  The more you know about Star Wars, the better this will be for you.

The probe droids have detected an illegal settlement.

Mood: optimistastic!

There is a bit of bounce in my step today, notwithstanding the fact that all the diodes down the left side of my leg seem finally to be functioning smoothly. I ate a full breakfast in my hyperbaric chamber while listening to really loud music (Qui'hut Xillermott's Sonata No.26) and then popped out to tour the bridge.

Admiral Ozzel rushed up to me, that officious little face of his trembling to contain a vulgar jubilation. "Lord Vader, we've found something!"

That's just a quote from the latest post, but it's worth checking out.

Off to Seattle

Cat scratch fever