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Your 8-bit world

Duckhunters_f I have, I will admit, never really been into visual art.  The saying, "I don't know art but I know what I like!" fits me though it's generally said by the sort of people who vote for the Bush family.  But there is some computer art that I enjoy, and I do like the work of Roy Liechtenstein.

I've also liked some of the stuff that Wired has featured in the past.  Today they put up an article on an art installation featuring art based around old 8-bit Nintendo games.  The old school from the original Nintendo Entertainment System.  My particular favorite was this picutre called Duck Hunter S. Thompson.  Now this is the sort of thing I'd want to hang on my wall.  It also seems like the greatest idea for a video game ever.

Game 7

No fall, just a more violent summer