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They told me they were coming, but they didn't mention that Hell was coming with them

I've been at work for just over two hours now.  In that time I've fielded one phone call from a guy from Texas and have had two customers in the store.  The first wanted to return a phone charger that she had bought a number of months ago.  I said that first of all she was months too late to return it and secondly unless she had the bill we couldn't take it back at all.  She got angry and stormed out.

The very next customer wanted a rental phone to use while he waits for Rogers to replace his phone that they sent him.  I explained the $25 fee we charge to rent the phone and the $100 deposit that we need to ensure we get the phone back and then he yelled at me, yelled at Rogers using our phone and then yelled at me again.

Since then I've had some nicer customers, so I'm not about to light the store on fire for the insurance... hey wait a second... maybe there's some gasoline in the back.  Nah, not worth it there's only 3 hours left and then I've got two days off.

No fall, just a more violent summer

The hand that feeds