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Maps, they don't know what I know


If you've used the very cool MapQuest you'll be liking the new and even cooler Google Maps. Google Maps has all the same hot hot features of MapQuest, such as being able to plot a journey and find out how long it's going to take you in time, miles and kilometers. However the hot hot edition is the ability to look at the maps using satellite images. Take a look at Jeffrey Weston's pad which I looked up via the site.

This article from Wired has a bit about the new service and some incredible satellite images.

Neither the house I rent with Chad and Cass or my parent's site are in the coverage, but most of Kelowna looks like it is. Want to find a specific business? Simply type in the name and the city and it'll bring it up or give you a few options. My work place brings this map up. It's very cool. Very very cool. Now back to watching the Fourth Season of the West Wing.

The hand that feeds

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