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Your CBC movie

 ~Elainedues BenthumbI just finished watching a movie on the CBC starring Paul Gross. It was called H20 and was about... I'm not quite sure. Paul Gross was the Prime Minister and he was trying to make it so Canada was taken over by America, but then when it was he was sad. I think, but I'm not sure. The director also had a fetish for the sculptures in the Parliament buildings.

Today was a day off, which I spent sleeping most of it. I was supposed to go and get measured for a tux for Graham's wedding, but since he no longer needs me to try a few different styles on so he can pick one out, I'm going to wait so I can try and loose some weight before I go. Of course sticking to a diet or an exercise program for more than fifteen minutes would probably help with the weight loss.

Tomorrow is work.

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