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New programs

 7 248 2041 738 Store.Apple.Com Catalog Us Images Step2 Beautyshot Pb12 050131I've been playing around with a few new programs on my Powerbook for the last few days. I thought I'd drop a few mentions of some of the better ones I've found. All of these programs are for Mac OSX, but a few of them have Windows equivalents. If you're using OSX they're definitely worth checking out and most of them are free or have a trial period so you can try before you buy.

First is Adium, which is a chat program. Adium lets me run pretty much every chat program from one application. So I can use my Messanger, AOL, Yahoo and .Mac accounts to chat all with one program. Which is handy as heck, saves RAM and lets me keep track of everything a bit easier. And with Microsoft no longer updating their Mac Messanger client it is a nice way to go. Adium is a free program.

The second program is what I'm using to blog this entry now. Ecto is a blog writing program that lets me post entries without using TypePad's not so hot Safari web interface panel. With Ecto I don't need to use HTML at all, as things like inserting pictures and links. I also don't need to actually login to TypePad, which is kind of hot. It works with most popular blog sites, including TypePad (as I mentioned) as well as uJournal, WordPress and pretty much everything else. I'm using Ecto on a two week free trial, so I have to decide whether or not to throw down some cash for it mid month.

One program that runs on both PC and Macs is Firefox, the hot web browser. Mainly used on PCs as a replacement for Microsoft Explorer, there's a lot of features like tabbed browsing that Explorer has yet to implement. For OSX users though it's not a far cry from Apple's own Safari browser. Supposedly it's faster, and while it's obviously faster than Explorer the difference with Safari is minimal. However since it's on PCs it holds a larger market share than Safari so some websites that have not been configured to work with Safari will work with Firefox. When I'm not using a blog entry program like Ecto I use Firefox to do blog entries in TypePad because it gives me a better control interface. If you're on a PC get Firefox, it's a must have for a web browser. If you're on a Mac well Safari is almost as good and with Tiger out soon the new version of Safari should be as good as Firefox. Firefox is a free download.

Lastly I should mention Newsfire. Newsfire is an RSS agitator, though unlike iPodder which I mentioned a few posts ago, this pulls in entries to news sites and blogs and lets me read them. So as soon as this gets posted people all over the world with programs like Newsfire will get it sent right to their desktop. Oh who am I kidding, only you're reading this.

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