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What is the difference between a millipede and a centipede? Why size silly, size.


I have been trying to play World of Warcraft for the past few days since I just reached level 40 and got my free horse for my paladin character Kentra. I also joined a new guild after my first one went tits up because of internal politics and a few jerks proving the rule of the internet that it's easier to be a dickwad online than in real life. These attempts to be a hardcore online gamer has been thwarted by server problems at Blizzard (the makers of Warcraft).

So instead I watched Walking Tall the movie where the Rock is a war hero who returns home to find the old mill has closed down and become a drug lab and now everyone is a stripper in the casino on the outskirts of town. The Rock's answer to this problem is to hit people with a giant piece of wood. So yes it's sort of like a porno but it's actually real wood as opposed to metaphorical wood.

The movie itself if fairly bad, but apparently my former co-worker Levi apparently was an extra in one of the strip club casino scenes. Rock is actually much better than this movie. I like him, despite the fact that I generally hate professional wrestling. He's got the same sort of screen presence as Wil Smith, sort of a likable guy who has do totally unbelievable things but still makes it seem somewhat possible. Whether or not he ends up having the same sort career as Wil Smith depends on what sort of roles he takes. Right now he's been taking fairly bad ones, and if he keeps that up he'll end up in as the answer to "Who else other than Hulk Hogan failed at making the jump from the WWF to movies?"

Ah Hulk Hogan.

Getting into bed I was attacked by a bug similar to the one to the right here. Was it a centipede or a millipede? I don't know. What's the difference? Size my friend, size.

Friday is a holiday - fools

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