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The border of pants

After my success on the Atkins diet I went off of it, and after about half a year on a diet that was largely based on the movie Supersize Me I gained all the weight back.  Yesterday putting on my jeans was starting to hurt, so I'm back on a diet.  What diet I haven't decided yet.  Right now it's the "eat less crap" diet but I'd like to go on something that'll help me loose weight as opposed to just slowing the weight gain process.

This means breakfast today was a 6 inch Subway sub with no Sun Chips and a light lemonaid instead of a Coke.  Light lemonaid is way no fun.

So far today it's annoyingly old customer day.  If I have to explain the concept of powering on a cell phone one more time I'm going to fly to England and commit regicide, thus killing the leader of the old people.

Springsteen's induction speech of U2 (3/14/05):

"Calculation Theme"