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Jerk it out


I bought an iPod shuffle through the Apple store online when it first came out. It arrived this week in the mail and I've been using it quite a bit since. It's a neat little gadget, though it's certainly not going to replace my iPod for day to day usage. However it's tiny, holds enough music for a day or two, and is durable and cheap enough that I don't have to worry about babying it like my iPod. I just have to remember not to wash it when I wash my pants, since it's small enough that I can have it in a pocket and not feel it at all.

Meanwhile after a few days of getting over strep throat I came down with a killer cold which had me flat on my back as well. However sadly I wasn't able to take time off work, so I've been going and going while hacking up a lung. On the plus side my throat doesn't hurt nearly as much as before, though my nose is running like Carl Lewis.

Now I'm at school, trying to catch up on the classes I missed. I'm glad I dropped out of that geography course, because catching up on missed labs was not going to be any fun at all. As it is I don't think I'm too far behind in my two history courses.

On another note Beck has a new EP out on the iTunes music store. It's more rap / hip hop than his last disc Sea Change. If you've got a computer capable of downloading music through the iTunes music store check it out.

Like a dark tornado that can save them from drowning

Now you have drunk all your beer, go drown your empty selves