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Worst Saturday ever

The internet at work is out and it's been a slow day today so I've been living in a pre-wired universe since I left home. It's totally amazing how much we, and I in particular, have come to rely on the net for everyday life.

Selling a customer a cellular phone takes twice as long because instead of hitting a few buttons I have to call into Rogers, wait on hold and then deal with a Rogers staffer instead of the fairl smoothly though slightly buggy Sales Central interface. When stumped on how to operate a particular phone feature for an older phone that we no longer have manuals for a quick Google search always helps. Today I had to sit and figure it out myself, in this case I managed to do it. Lots of pricing, account information and updates are beyond my reach in this 1982 world I'm stuck in.

Plus the net is a good way to kill time between customers. If the customers weren't taking twice as long than normal due to not having the internet then I'd be going even more buggier than I am now due to now being able to surf the web.

All I can say is, "Gack!"

Luckily I had a few Podcasts to listen to and my Blackberry is allowing me to post this for those of you who still have the internet.

I'm only hanging on to watch you go down