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Nothing much to say I guess, you're just the same as all the rest / you're trying to throw your arms around the world

There's not a lot to blog about recently, at least not a lot I'd like to blog about right at the moment.  We are in tentative negotiations with overseas investors about high yield fiscial policies, but it's all hush hush secrent agent stuff and high powered corporate Lear Jet style negotiations.  If and when the merger goes through there might be a press release.

Meanwhile I do have New Year's plans, I'll be making a apperance at The Railyway Club to avoid having to watch Dick Clark on television.  Considering my long history of terrible New Year's Eves I'm well expecting the club to catch on fire and burn to the ground.

What will happen?  Stay tuned for the updates.

Time enough for sleeping when we're dead

The Canucks