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Sorry for not posting for awhile.  I've been very busy with work and on my days off I ended up spending my time mainly off-line.  Graham was in town, as a stop-over between Japan and Kelowna, Monday night and Tuesday morning.  Monday night I had a hockey game, the Canucks loosing in shoot-outs to the Kings, but he stayed over on Neal's couch and in the morning after breakfast I drove him to the airport.  It was good to see him, even if it was for such a short time. 

Afterwards I had to pick up the gift that my mother had bought for my father for Christmas.  Then I watched the two episodes of The O.C. that I had recorded and that pretty much seemed to be my day.  Yesterday I picked up Serentiy on DVD, ate a nice Thai meal and then went to see King Kong at the Paramount on Burrard.  King Kong basically ate up the whole day since I got there early but about twenty minutes, the movie is three hours long and they show tweny minutes worth of ads on top of the ten minutes of trailers. 

Today I work until 5:30 when hopefully I'll start on my comics' blog which I hope to launch properly following Christmas.  Also, and nowhere near as sexy, I need to do more laundry.

A day of hockey in Vancouver

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