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iTunes day

Today is Tuesday and so it's the day I check the iTunes music store.  Back before iTunes came to Canada I'd head to the A&B Sound in downtown Kelowna before working at the Paramount Theatre, to see what new music was in.  Now I can buy my tunes without even putting on pants.

Today is a pretty good day for EPs and special releases on iTunes.  David Bowie and Arcade Fire have a live EP out where they perform together on each other's songs.  The White Stripes have a cover of Tegan and Sarah's "Walking With The Ghost" for sale today as well.  Having heard the cover on the radio I was quick to buy that.

I also picked up the soundtrack to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  It had come out a week or so ago but I'm not really into symphonic soundtracks as much as I used to be when I was in love with John Williams and his shiny, shiny head.  But after seeing the movie and discovering that Jarvis Cocker of Pulp was in it and performed two songs, including the sure to be smash hit "Doing the Hippogriff", I couldn't resist.

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