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The half day trip to the interior

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to be coming into Kelowna but that I probably would not have a gret deal of free time, well I over-estimated the amount of free time when I wrote that because I have none.  I left the apartment at 7 am this morning, took a bus to YVR (Vancouver Airport) and then flew to Kelowna. 

I've been in Kelowna since about 10:30 and so far have had breakfast, done some chores with my parents, went to the Kelowna Daily Courier's office to hit up Andre for money for my October articles for eVent! and then I'm not at home and going to take off for my pacemaker apointment in about twenty minutes.  Following that I'm driving back down to the coast with my parents.  So I'll have spent about seven hours of travel in exchange for five hours in Kelowna, which seems fair.

Just a tech note I'm currently using my mom's tiny tiny Sony Vaio.  I thought my 12" Powerbook was petite but this is crazy.  The keyboard and screen are much too small for anything more complicated than blogging, but it would be a nice unit if you had to swallow it order to sneak it into Mexico.


BlackBerry troubles and a early morning run to the airport