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Metroblogging and Handbraking

It seems like the multi-city blog site Metroblogging is about to launch their Vancouver site.  About a month ago I posted about trying to find people who wanted to blog about what was going on in Vancouver because they want to get about ten people before they launch the city site.  If you're interested they're still looking for a few more people but after getting on their author mail lists it seems like we're ready to go, or almost.

I wish I knew more bloggers in Vancouver, so I could poke and prod them into joining because I think it's going to be a really cool site once it's up and going.  Their original LA site in particular is wicked good and has Wil Wheaton as an author.  On my next day off I'm going to spend sometime grabbing photos of Vancouver to go on the group's Flickr site for use in the page's title bar.


I managed to encode the Battlestar Galactica mini-series with Handbrake and then drop the whole three hour program into my video iPod.  I watched about twenty minutes of it last night in bed and aside from having to wear a pair of headphones, which sucks while laying on a pillow, the experiance is actually pretty good.  One of the nice things about the iPod screen is it's got a very forgiving viewing angle, meaning you can basically be looking at it from any angle and still see the picture fine.

I would still perfer to use the PSP for video but the fact is getting a big enough Sony Memory Stick Pro is too expensive and the iPod is a much nicer size.  It's fairly unobtrusive when I was watching the Digg.com video podcast today on the Skytrain as opposed to the few times I've seen people with PSPs on public transit.

Photo day

Got my hands on the video iPod