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While taking the Skytrain home today I was writing in a little notebook I'm going to start to try to carry around with me to jot down ideas in. I've got a few phrases I like so far as well as names for characters for a possible story. Anyway as I was writing in it I remembered Mr. Rawson's english classes and the mandatory free writing time that would kick off the start of each class. I should start setting aside time for mandatory writing, though in a way that's what blogging is.

Just to let all those who may have been concerned know on the second disc of first season of the O.C. Marissa survived her attempted drug overdose and is now living with her father despite a dastardly attempt by her mother to have her put into a mental hospital.

Meanwhile in real life work sucked big time. I had sold a cellular to an old lady who I don't think even understood the concept of a cellular phone, so after about three hours she came back and brought the phone back. That was pretty much all I did during eight hours of work.

On the upside I"m going to get one more O.C. episode in before I close my eyes because I'm now working in the morning tomorrow instead of an evening shift.

On the non-teen / work place drama side of the coin I'm currently testing out a program called Ecto to post to the blog. If it's good I might decide to keep using it. So far I'm enjoying it though the picture manipulation is a bit funky.

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