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We have no stock so they should let me take a nap instead of sitting here blogging

Currently our store has no phones.  Well that's not very accurate, rather we have none of the best selling phones.  We are currently out of the Nokia 6101, Samsung P207, Motorola V220 and V551.  Now typically when we're out of one model of phone it's not too hard to steer a customer into another model that meets their needs.  Case in point if a customer wants a Nokia 6101 and we're out of them I'd suggest they take a look at the Motorola V551 which has many of the same options and runs at the same price, yet with the specific list of phones that we're out of there's no where to direct people.  We have the cheap phones in stock, the ones either with no camera or no flip, as well as the expensive phones, like the Motorola V3 Razr or the V635.

80% of customers tend to go for the mid-level phones and so that means that on top of being slow for a Monday the few customers we are getting we have to send away because we just don't have stock to sell them. 

I should have brought my Powerbook and the O.C.  I wish I had my new iPod and episodes of Lost to watch.  I wish I had my PSP here.  This is dull and I want to sleep.

Math equation of the day:

I = cranky

We spend our private lives trying to undo the karma of our professional lives

Sleepy... very sleepy...