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the O.C. and birthday lowdown

The stupid Windows Explorer at work crashed taking with it a fairly detailed post about what occured last night for both my birthday with my family dinner and birthday presents.  So since it wasn't a particularly inspired post anyway I'm not really going to delve back into it except to say that we went to Joe Fortes a local seafood resturant where we waited for well over half for seating an hour despite having reservations but once seated had a wonderful meal.


I dropped a reference to the hit series the O.C. in the title of this post because Neal gave me the first season on the show on DVD after I asked for it.  I'd been encouraged by several people to get into the show including to my surprise Aaron Peck.  However anytime I had tried to get into the show by watching an episode on televison I'd simply been left confused, angry and lost, so I figured DVDs were the way to go.

I was also prompted by an interview on Fanboy Radio with Allan Heinberg who is a writer or producer on the O.C. and the creator and writer of Marvel's new title Young Avengers.  I'm liking YA in general so I figure the O.C. might have some good stuff, plus according to Heinberg the show is fairly packed with comic references including monolouges on the work of Brian Michael Bendis.

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Birthday dinner