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Just a short note on blogging news

Just wanted to let readers, if there are any, know that I'm going to continue screwing around with the site over the next few days.  I'm going to keep with the current design, more or less, which is a standard colour scheme and three row design that TypePad offers.

I've started to organize my sidebars a bit better.  For example I took the technology orientated sites out of the general blog section and put them on their own.  I've also moved the blogs of my friends to their own section, so you don't confuse my former roomate Chad Barclay with Billy Corgan.  Though if Chad grew a few feet and shaved his head... well it might be too close to call.

One of the new features are some feeds from various other sites that I've added to the right hand side of the blog.  Matthew Good's blog, the CBC and the BBC have what is called RSS feeds that allow me to automatically pull the headlines off their sites and put them there.  So if you're wondering what Matt Good is up to but don't want to gaze at the freaky guy in a bunny suit he's got on his page, you can just come here instead.

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