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In the time of sweaters

IMG_1802.JPGI awoke yesterday to snow, the sort of snow that makes you wake up and realize for all the much cherished warmth of the Okanagan this is still Canada, sucker.  Luckily I allowed no time at all to deal with the situation, so I was pressed to get to work after cleaning my car off and skidding through the side streets and alleyways of Kelowna.  Today was much the same story, except I also had to sweep the sidewalk at work since the building managers apparently don't deal with the elements on Saturdays.

I'm not back in school, after taking a semester off to fail at correspondance courses I'm actually back attending the bricks and mortar Okanagan University College for the last semester in both our post-secondary careers.  I'll be graduating in the spring and OUC will become the University of British Columbia - Okanagan.  Both events, I'm sure, will be oh so very exciting.

A bill too far

FC Barcelona gets a Mac