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Now you have drunk all your beer, go drown your empty selves

When I haven't posted for awhile there's always a desire to do a big post not only explaining why I haven't been posting but catching you up on the last little bit of my life.  However the time needed to do such a post then starts to add up as time goes by to the point where a catch up post is as formidable as a history essay.

So let us just refer to these last few weeks as my missing period.  If I am ever famous and dead (I know one day I will be dead, but famous?), historians, biographers and members of my fanclub can speculate at what amazing things I did during these lost days.  My favorite of the rumours that have yet to start is going to be the one that says I spent the time in a hot tub having sex with a touring group of Italian co-eds until finally emerging wrinkled and sexually satisfied to post this entry.

Meanwhile I've had a bottle of wine in the boot of my Mini for a few months.  I was going to give it to Allan Coyle who is the Media Relations guy for OUC, for his help with organizing the PWRCUP conference.  However I never got around to it and then during the latest cold snap in Kelowna it decided to pop its cork.  My car has smelled like red wine for about two weeks.  Attempts to wash the carpet have not made a dint in the smell.

Also for the first time in years I missed the CUP national conference, this time held in Edmonton.  My being sick was just too much of a kick in the throat to be able to go, and so I spent the time not posting on my blog.  What I did, well that's for the fan club to wonder.

Jerk it out

Home sick