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R2D2: small helpful robot needed


I am overworked. There is no doubt about that. I am working about 50 hours a week at my job at Pacific Cellular, running the arts section of the Phoenix and organizing the PWRCUP conference which is going to be on this time next month. All in all it's a pretty stressful time.

Which is why if anyone has a small helper monkey, or R2D2 style astromech droid, I'd be much obliged for a loan. They/It could help me by selling phones while I'm at lunch, dealing with angry customers, lining up speakers and presenters for the conference and designing a t-shirt.

Or at least a girlfriend to keep my mind of these sorts of things after I swing the sign to close at the store and head home. As it stands the only thing I've done in the last three days after work is watch the audio commentaries on the Star Wars movies. Which isn't anywhere near as exciting as say having sex, or cuddling or kissing or planning a picnic. (Or whatever boyfriend/girlfriend combos do).

However while everything is a bundle of stress, things are going okay. I'm making enough money that I'm starting to size up buying myself an iMac G5 for my birthday, and today the store hit its activations quota for the month. We didn't go over it, unless there's a rush in the next two hours, so that means I won't be winning the company awarded trip to Las Vegas but then again it's not like I would have time for a trip to Vegas.

Plus with Cass and Sean starting here in the next week or so things should get a bit easier. At least once they're trained in a month. Until then they'll be like newbies trying to learn how to chat online properly.

Which reminds me, of all the extensive college/university education I've done the two most useless courses were both OUC Continuing Education Courses. One was about learning how to use HyperCard and the other was about how to use the internet, back in the days when the internet was something mysterious that lurked only in universities and libraries. Now it's what I spend my day on, whether it's arguing with the computer on the Rogers activations website, or blogging while waiting for something interesting to happen at work, or at home chatting up a storm with the newbies and the shorties.

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