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Never trust a man with a ponytail: beware crack hoes

Work is starting to get as annoying as I knew it would. Gabe got yelled at by a customer on Friday and son now he won't work by himself at all. Which means that I have to work 6 shifts a week, which is a bit much even for someone who has given up on having a social life, like I have. If I had a girlfriend she would be wanting to put me on viagra because an sort of notion of a libido is gone from me. I'm not even masterbating that much anymore. I'm just plum worn out, and I haven't even started hard into school yet, which is sort of a terrible thing. I've also only done one issue of the Phoenix and so I'm sure by the end of the semester that will have lost all joy as well.

Meanwhile I've sort of settled on a layout for the blog after a few different attempts at a few different things. I went with one of the new mixed media blogs that TypePad just added, but I got two complaints about it and it wasn't quite all that yet. The main problems I had on it was that it wouldn't let me link my photo albums to it and the last 25 photos which were listed along the side would duplicate a photo even when I just edited a post with a picture (give me a few images of each shot).

I have an hour to go at work. There's a Rocket's game tonight, and Cass, Chad, Justin and myself are going to watch the only hockey we're going to get all year. By that I mean the Rockets, not that one specific pre-season game.

Pascal Cygan must die!

What's going on with those science people?